An accident took away young dog’s joy but kindness gave it back

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In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, Animal Aid Unlimited came to the rescue of a young dog who had somehow managed to drag herself out of the road after having been struck by a vehicle. How she mustered up the strength will forever be a mystery; she was not able to stand and could barely move without screaming out in pain.

It was determined the dog had suffered a spinal injury leaving her unable to stand. The organization named her Dena – “to give” in Hindu. And this sweet pup earned her name because no matter how she felt when she was unable to move her legs or her body, her eyes showered her rescuers with love and gratitude.

During the first six-weeks, Dena underwent frequent therapy to keep her limbs from becoming rigid from no use. She had sensation in her toes, but she didn’t seem to want to even try and walk. Despite the staff holding her up and helping her to navigate holding onto her, Dena still didn’t walk and seemed to be getting frustrated.

But then it happened, and we can only assume it was when Dena decided she was ready to move ahead with her life. Two months after her accident, Dena stood up by herself and took those first few awkward steps. That, however was just the beginning of Dena’s progress.

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