Amazing news – dog lost months ago finally reclaimed by his owner!

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It’s not every day that an animal shelter gets to share amazing news. In fact, on most days, there are stories of heartache and despair. But that isn’t the case today for one shelter in Hays County, Texas. The animal welfare agency was absolutely joyous this morning because one of the dogs, ,who had been in their care since November, was reunited with his family.

According to the Hays County, TX, animal shelter network, a dog named Mikey has been reunited with his owner after a dog sitter lost him months ago. The shelter explains:

He’s been at the shelter since last November, he went missing in another town miles away when the dog sitter lost him. His mom drove around for hours and days looking for him and never gave up hope she’d find him again.

The owner’s steadfast hope paid off. Mikey’s human mom saw his photos on Facebook last night and immediately she knew that the “homeless dog” on the shelter’s Facebook page was her beloved dog. The shelter writes:

His mom says “Thank you so much!!! I’m extremely full of joy and feeling very blessed to say I’m finally taking my Gunner home!! ❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶 thank you to all the wonderful people in the shelter that took good care of him and to this post that I finally after so long found him!“

Mikey was reclaimed at 8:17 a.m. on Thursday and he is headed home – finally. Mikey beat the odds that were stacked against him. The shelter explained just how much danger this lost boy was in:

Mikey was on the urgent list and likely in danger of being EU’d soon, but fate and a miracle turned his destiny right around and now he’s happy at last with the people he loves!!! I am beside myself with joy and happiness and my faith has been restored! We found out his real life name is Gunner so his name is not Mikey any longer 🥰 Happy tails Gunner and family!!

Welcome home Gunner. And this is a great time to remind everyone to get a microchip for their pets – please ensure that the contact information is kept up to date!

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