Alone and in pain – puppy with broken bones scheduled for humane euthanasia if help can’t be found

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Imagine having multiple broken bones and no one to comfort or care for you. This is the reality for a five-month-old puppy who is waiting to be saved in Memphis, Tennessee. The pup, Gerardo, was picked up as a stray and taken to the Memphis Animal Services facility where it was determined that he has multiple femoral and pelvic fractures.

Shelter information:

⚠️Medical–May leave prior to review date💢STRAY💢MY NAME IS GERARDO INTAKE 11/21 #MASA9565#GERARDO HW NEGATIVE White Male 5 months, 46 lbs Intake 11/21 Review Intake Subtype: Sick/Injured

x-ray of break

Gerardo is just a baby and he deserves love, care, and most of all – to live. Please share Gerardo’s information to help save his life.

#MASA9565#GERARDO HW NEGATIVE White Male 5months, 46 lbsIntake 11/21 Review Intake Subtype: Sick/InjuredLocated at Memphis Animal Services (901) 636-1416 (ext. 2)

This puppy has been alone in the shelter since November 21.

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