Ailing dog pulled from animal control – rescue says that they ‘loved him all the way out’

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When a badly neglected and ailing dog found himself at an animal control agency in San Antonio, Texas, it was clear that he was desperately in need of help. Volunteers with God’s Dogs Rescue became aware of the dog and put plans into the works to get him transferred into the rescue group’s care.

The rescue agency immediately got the four-year-old dog to an emergency veterinarian, and after an exam, the extent of his ailments became known. The rescue group said:

Upon getting to AER, we found out some not great news – not only were we dealing with heartworms and extensive infections, but he was very anemic from all the fleas and ticks that feasted on his body. He also had anaplasmosis and was hypoglycemic – so we ordered the blood transfusions. AER did the best they could to help this boy as quickly as possible.

Though the veterinary bill was high and climbing, the rescuers were committed to seeing the dog’s care through…but good intentions and hope for better days were not enough. The rescue group explained:

At 10:15 am, we received news that Brick was septic and suffering. We honored his body and spirit. Brick was humanely euthanized. The whole AER staff was equally devastated after fighting so hard; there was not a dry eye in the room after Brick passed.
So, in his last few days, Brick knew the kindness of human touch and food and warmth …

With a final thought about what led to his demise, and how they were there for the dog who appeared to have never known love.

The problem is what happened to him the days, weeks, and months that led up to his horrid condition. No one stood up to help Brick. In the end, we were too late to help this diamond shine, so we loved him all the way out.

Rest in peace.

Find the rescue group that tried to save this dog at this link.

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