Aggressive deer attacks family’s red-nosed Rudolph decoration

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In British Columbia, Arlene Chmelyk says her “Rudolph the Red-Nosed White Tail” decoration in front of her home is not appreciated by an aggressive deer, who likely has no interest in participating in pulling Santa’s sled.

According to Arlene’s Facebook page and the video she shared, shows a recent attack on the repurposed 3D archery target made in the size and shape of a white-tailed deer her husband made about five years ago. Obviously, the local deer haven’t been able to tell the difference between a lawn decoration and a real deer.

In an interview with CbcNews, Arlene stated she was surprised the glowing red nose of the decoration didn’t ward off the angry deer, but theorizes the bucks are in their mating season and might be viewing the decoration as something rather appealing.

And despite the yearly battle from some angry deer, the family intends to continue repairing Rudolph as needed and keep the display in their yard for everyone’s enjoyment.

Check out the video here.

(Photos and video via Arlene Chmelyk Facebook page)

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