Dog still waits for a home after more than 865 days

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Update: Read the update about Nieko here

865 days – that’s how long a German shepherd named Nieko has been waiting for a home of his own. On Tuesday, Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary shared despair for the dog, who nobody seems to want.

In a Facebook post, the sanctuary wrote:

We have given up hope that he will ever find a family. He spends his days and nights mostly alone. He lives in our garage by himself. He has ample yard time and a lot of time to run and play.

They add:

Jeff sits outside with him for at least an hour every night. But that doesn’t make up for the rest of the time he could be with a real family.

Expressing their hope that Nieko’s miracle might still happen:

he truly is a happy boy and would love nothing more than to have someone to love him, not just for an hour a day, but all day.
We have 7 dogs in our house and they are not going to allow another adult male to come into the pack. Also, we truly can’t keep every dog that doesn’t get a home. I share him periodically in the hopes of a miracle for him.
So here he is again. Maybe this time he may find his miracle.

On the Sanctuary’s website, Nieko’s bio reads:

This big boy loves car rides and going for walks. He also enjoys playing catch with the frisbee and curling up on laps for snuggle time. A fenced-in yard is a must for him because he takes his job seriously and will chase off any squirrels or armadillos that come across him.

He is has a congenital kidney deformity. Due to his kidney issues, he needs a special low-protein diet.

He is good with other female dogs but chases cats. His adoption fee has been sponsored. Nieko will only be adopted to an experienced large breed handler as he has some excitement and separation anxiety issues that will need consistent training and positive reinforcement.

Find the Sanctuary’s Facebook page at this link.

Find Nieko’s biography at this link.

Location: Mississippi

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  1. Please get your facts straight. The rescue is not mistreating him. Nieko has a great life with much love, but they are a rescue. Things are horrific down South. No one is adopting. Not many spay or neuter. More unwanted animals are dumped each day. How about you feature that instead of criticizing a rescue that does so much? This rescue has been there for the animals. This past winter they saved hundreds of lives during a deep freeze that would have killed so many. Rescues are overwhelmed. Shelters are full. Independent rescuers are struggling. Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary gives so much and helps so many. Do not undermine their efforts by using them as a ploy to get donations for a situation that is not abuse. If you want to see abuse, I can share hundreds of posts of dogs that I see on Facebook all over the country who have been chained, beaten, run over and starved. That is the abuse you should be featuring. Nieko has love, but he does need a family. Despite your methods, I am hoping some good can come of this and someone will see that Nieko needs a chance. Right now, it is almost impossible to get a dog adopted locally. How about you feature that information? Get your facts straight. Talk to all of us down here who are desparately trying to save lives. It is so easy to criticize and so hard to really ask questions to get the facts.

  2. Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful rescue and has made a great impact helping animals of all varieties in our area. O course, the goal for Nieko is to find him a loving home to live out his days, but if he never gets to leave Erin Regan, be assured that after the abuse he endured before Erin Regan took him, he is certainly living a good life and will continue to for as long as his old body holds on. Yes, there are lots of problems for animals in the South. Erin Regan is not one of them!


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