After 3 weeks, cat lost in JFK airport has been found

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After three long weeks, a cat who escaped from his carrier at New York’s JFK Airport has been captured. The cat, named Ettore, was supposed to be traveling to Italy with owner, Salvatore Fazio, but things went awry, and the feline escaped.

A plea for help was posted to Facebook’s Queens Lost & Found Pets:

A friend of mine was traveling to Italy with his cat and the airport lost his cat!!! They are not helping him at all. He found out hours later that his cat had gone missing. He is no longer in the states and is sick over this. She is a house cat and lost at JFK airport. He is begging for help. He called the airport police and they supposedly know nothing about it. 

Volunteers began putting up fliers with the hope that someone might report seeing the missing feline. It wasn’t until an airport worker found Ettore’s collar near the runways that the port authority, and airport, allowed for the use of a motion-detecting camera. As reported by Fox News, the camera captured Ettore’s movement 10 hours later. Once the area Ettore was believed to be in was determined, John Debacker of Long Island Cat Kitten Solution, was able to set up a humane trap.

The trap worked and Ettore was finally safely contained. Ettore suffered a few nose bruises and weight loss, but is otherwise okay after 18 days alone. As reported by Patch, Ettore is staying with Fazio’s girlfriend until arrangements can be made to get the cat to Italy.

(Images via Facebook)

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