Adorable pup with a flair for the dramatic when he cut his paw soaks up the love on viral video

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What’s a day without an adorable pup with a definite flair for the dramatic? This week’s viral video on TikTok takes us into the spoiled and overindulged world of Jaqweenie, who goes by “snarkybobarky” on Instagram because his overbite just makes him even cuter than anyone can even imagine. And he has 29,000 followers who will surely attest to his cuteness.

So what was Jaqweenie up to this week?

“Jaqweenie hurt his paw at the dog park. He was so upset I thought it might be broken.”

Dog’s mom on TikTok

The pup looked so utterly defeated as he limped away – holding his paw up as if this was going to be a 911 veterinary hospital emergency. But of course, the next part of the video shows us what transpired at the vet. First his blood pressure was taken. Mind you, Jaqweenie looks just as sad and makes his humans wonder if their little guy is in pain?

But wait! The veterinarian examines the pooch, and the only injury to be found was a tiny cut on his paw.

“Finally discovering the tiniest cut on his paw. Like so tiny it didn’t even bleed. The vet described it as a paper cut! A $150 paper cut.!”

TikTok video

Jaqweenie was carried out of the vet office in his human’s arms to his home where he insisted on being carried around. When dinner time came, the canine patient gingerly walked from the couch to his food bowl, but his family just laughed. Such a tiny cut “rocked his world,” but isn’t this little guy living the life we wish all dogs could have?

Get well soon little guy. Oh that’s right – you’re fine.

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