Abused dog abandoned in wire cage at intersection – police searching for responsible party

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Police in Randolph, Massachusetts, are hoping to find whoever is behind the abandonment of a caged dog who was left at an intersection this week. On Monday, the Randolph Police Department posted an image of the dog, who was allegedly abused, Tweeting:

Early this morning at approximately 1:00AM this dog was found at the corner of High Street and Scanlon Drive, abandoned. The dog was found by a non-Randolph resident and turned over to the Norfolk Massachusetts Animal Control and Shelter.

The authorities stated:

The dog has been abused and will require major surgery. We are looking to identify the owner of this dog and the person or persons who abused this animal. Animal abuse is a serious offense in Massachusetts and will not be tolerated.

Information needed

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the station at 781-963-1212 or you can contact the Norfolk MA Animal Control at 508-528-3232 option 7

(Image via Twitter)

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  1. To help with more info on this poor pup, I did some digging. Poor dear has a SHATTERED hind leg that has to be amputated, an eye injury that may require removal and apparently that just was NOT enough for this VILE THUG who owned this pup because he was STARVED on top of all the physical abuse. Law enforcement here appears to have a sane, rational rule of law mentality, so my hope is that they will find this demon and punish to the fullest extent. HUGE THANKS TO RANDOLPH POLICE for taking a stand to help, rather than sweep it under by saying there’s no animal control here so you’re on your own.


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