Abused and neglected dog goes wild as her rescuers sing her song

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At the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, an abused and neglected reddish dog arrived on Tuesday morning. Her ears were swollen and infected, pus had been oozing out from an open wound on top of her head, and the pain from her “cherry eyes” made it almost impossible to keep them open.

She had been bred multiple times, and one might suspect her age and lack of fertility were the reasons she had been neglected and suffered so badly until rescued today.

“We named this BEAUTIFUL girl Jolene. We gave her a little bit of baby talk and she just went wild.

‘Has anyone ever told you you’re beautiful? Have you been told ‘I love you’? Well, we love you and we will help you because you are so deserving. What a sweet girl, we just ache for her and what she’d been through,'” the organization posted under her heartbreaking photos.

And just in case, you’re not familiar with Dolly Parton’s song Jolene and its history, Parton once told media the story when that she had been performing a concert and a beautiful red-haired eight-year-old girl tried to get Parton’s attention for an autograph. Parton was taken aback by the child’s beauty and asked her for her name. You guessed it – Jolene.

And we are all sure Jolene just rescued today will soon be beautiful again.

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Dolly Parton? (hey, you never know!)

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Such a sweet parrot!



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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    And the POS owner gets to WALK AWAY and do this to many other innocent dogs with impunity, while THE DOGS are made to SUFFER and the NAZI PUKES who owned her make money off the DOG’S MISERY. Tell me Missouri, HOW in the HELL CAN YOU LOOK at YOURSELVES in the MIRROR and THINK IT’S OKAY to do THIS to GOD’S CREATURES? HOW!!!!! MANY of YOU are “SO-CALLED” CHRISTIANS, THIS is NOT CHRISTIAN ‘LIKE’, there is no HONOR OR forgiveness in REPEATED ABUSE, NEGLECT and STARVATION of GOD’S CREATIONS. God SEES all and forgets NOTHING, YOU ASS WIPES WILL be HELD accountable, NO MATTER how many times you go to church. God ONLY FORGIVES those who are TRULY remorseful and DO NOT REPEAT THEIR OFFENSE. In OTHER words, YOU ROTTEN to the CORE LIARS ARE SCREWED! PERIOD! Here’s the part I LOVE: no amount of GERRYMANDERING for power, lies OR denial will changes GOD’S LAWS!


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