Texas governor vetoes measures for tethering dogs outside

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In Austin, Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has really hit a sore spot with animal advocates- especially dog lovers – and we know there are lots of people who love dogs.

On Monday, when Abbott vetoed Senate Bill 474,  Internet users really got angry. After all, the bill was called the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, and it would have become a Class C misdemeanor if someone left a restrained dog outside unattended – unless certain humane parameters were made to ensure the dog’s safety and comfort. Not so much to ask for an intelligent and sentient creature to be treated?

Nope – not for Abbott. He accused the bill of “micromanaging” dog owners, and yes – get this part – the current animal cruelty laws that already exist are adequate according to this governor. Abbott wasn’t going to be happy limiting the length of a dog’s tether, how much time a dog could spend in the back of a truck no matter the weather or adding weights to a dog’s collar for whatever nefarious occasion might arise.

Never underestimate the power of social media – they all called it as they saw it, and one day later – Tuesday said it all on Twitter – #AbbottHatesDogs.

And although this author would be guessing, it’s  likely a safe bet if anyone asked a dog what they thought, the reply would be:

“The feeling is mutual!”

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    THIS is just the beginning TEXAS and OTHERS! Just wait for it…..buildings in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio will come CRASHING down in a matter of weeks. I warned YOU in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North AND South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, that God’s Hand of Justice WILL come and He has started in Florida! I pray His Hand of Justice continues with buildings CRASHING DOWN in to RUBBLE in ALL aforementioned states. Praise be to OUR ONE and ONLY King, the LORD of ALL Lords, and OUR Father, GOD!


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