Abandoned pup living in old couch on the side of the road needs emergency help

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In the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas, an abandoned dog calls a filthy, broken couch, tossed away on the side of the road his home. Apparently Buddy was considered to be trash and had been thrown away just like the old piece of furniture.

For months, Buddy has been scavenging for food and escaping an untimely death from predators as well as the vehicles speeding past him – no one stopped to help a dog in distress, that is – until local rescuers contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help.

“At this  time his health has deteriorated and now he is very sick. His skin is covered in mange and infected. He’s covered in fleas, ticks and being bitten alive.

He needs our help and he needs it now! Buddy cannot live inside the couch, not one more day!,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Buddy needs immediate medical care as plans are now in progress to transport Buddy to safety.

Updates to follow.


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