Abandoned in thickets and left to fend for himself rescuers spotted him before it was too late

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Off of Busby Lane, in Middlesbrough, England, a frightened dog had been curled up under the thickets after having been abandoned and left to fend for himself. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan spotted him and immediately contacted Officer Ruth Thomas-Coxon from the RSPCA.

According to UK Animal Cruelty Files -UKACF, the tan colored dog was very weak and undernourished. When Officer Thomas-Coxon saw the dog, he had been curled up surrounded by ivy and she described him as a “pitiful sight.” The dog does have a microchip and his previous owner was contacted, but told authorities they had sold the dog three weeks before and had no idea the dog had been abandoned.

The previous owners signed the dog named “Bang Bang” over to the RSPCA and is now being cared for by the staff at the RSPCA’s Great Ayton Animal Center. He is being treated for a swollen rear leg and is now gaining much needed weight slowly.

“It’s not clear how long poor Bang Bang had been fending for himself but it appears that whoever took him on from his previous owners have cast him out fairly quickly and he’s ended up in poor condition. It’s heartbreaking to think of him out there on his own as the weather’s been deteriorating. I am so pleased he’s safe now, getting the care he needs and can soon start his search for a loving new home.”

Officer Thomas-Coxon

Fortunately, Bang Bang is improving. He is a sweet guy who loves to cuddle and spends time with the staff daily. It is not expected to be a long search when Bang Bang is healthy enough to move forward with his life.

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