Abandoned Dog Near Death By The Time She Was Noticed Alongside Road

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An abandoned dog, discovered alongside a road in Lehigh Acres, Florida, earlier this month, was near death by the time she was found. The dog, dubbed Khaleesi, was found on August 11 – she was barely clinging to life and weighed in under 20 pounds.

Khaleesi was taken in by Mutty Paws Rescue, who rushed her to a veterinarian. An exam revealed the extent of her pitiful health. Michelle Holsinger, with the rescue organization, stated:

“She had absolutely no food in her stomach, not even scraps from the side of the road. She was infested with parasites. She was hookworm positive on her fecal. And our vet team believes she was confined. Someone must have dumped her. Her nails were extremely long and very sharp. So if she was walking the streets, they would have been filed down or shown wear and tear of just normal walking.”

The horribly neglected dog continued to deteriorate, even with care. On August 16, the rescue group updated Facebook followers:

She has taken a turn for the worse and now can not stand 😞She tries to but collapses. This is devastating to us. Pcv is being ran and we are prepared to do a blood transfusion should she need. She is so emaciated that her body can’t even distribute the fluids properly and this morning her face became extremely swollen ( lymph nodes are normal ). Whoever did this to her needs to be held accountable. She is in critical condition and fighting for her life .. and so will we!

Khaleesi was transferred to an ICU for round-the-clock care. With intensive treatment, she finally started to turn the corner. On August 24, Facebook followers received an encouraging update about her progress:

Khaleesi update Day 8 in ICU❗️She still has a very long medical road ahead of her
Khaleesi has exciting things to tell all of her followers! Her discharge is being planned to her foster family tomorrow!! The internal medicine specialist did the ultrasound and while her intestines are not 100%, there is no reason to keep her in the clinic as she is hemodynamically stable maintaining her lab values within normal ranges for her condition. She had her nasogastric tube removed last night (after this picture was taken) and weaned off IV fluids. She will remain under observation for the next 24h then will head to our primary vet then off to her amazing foster family who will be able to still provide her with every 4 hour feedings and keeping a close eye on her. She has only had a 1lb weight increase but the way it was explained is that her vital organs are likely taking the nutrients in and we will hopefully see more weight gain and muscle mass with time. She is able to pick her head up, she is starting to be able to maintain positioning but still needs total care and assistance.

According to the rescue agency, Khaleesi is not out of the woods, and her prognosis remains guarded. The animal welfare agency has announced the offering of a $1,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this to her.

Find Mutty Paws Rescue on Facebook at this link.


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