Abandoned dog had been lingering around Texas park for days waiting for his human to return

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For days, Frankie lingered at a Houston park refusing to leave. Likely, the emaciated dog waited for his human to return. Sadly, when anyone approached him, he flinched as if he prepared himself and expected to be hit.

And so the emaciated dog with his hip bones so clearly visible struggled to walk and staggered, as if he was suffering from heat exhaustion. When animal control arrived, they contacted ThisIsHouston for help.

Check out the video:

Frankie is one of the lucky ones; so many other dogs just like this boy never have a chance.



Frankie is estimated to be between three and five years old age. He currently weighs 39-pounds and should weigh between 50 to 60-pounds. He has hookworms, but he is heartworm negative. His bloodwork tested normal.

As for his hips and back legs, the radiographs look fine, and it is suspected his weakness in the rear end is a result of lack of muscle tone.

“He has loss of detail in his abdomen due to how emaciated he is. He stayed the night at the ER on some IV fluids and he will go to a foster today and will be on a slow refeeding plan.”


Frankie has a small Amazon wishlist if anyone wants to send him some goodies: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/14RCY37T4U9TV…

To donate to his care: Call Vergi 24/7 at 713-932-9589

Paypal.me/ThisIsHoustonTX Venmo @ThisIsHoustonCash App $


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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    It’s probably GREG ABBOTT’S dog. Description of fear of being hit and being starved with copious hookworms is RIGHT up Abbott’s repertoire of TORTURE methods.


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