Abandoned dog clipped through his foot so he could not move

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The Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) rescued an abandoned dog on Friday after neighbors heard him crying. When they arrived, they found the dog tied by a clip through his foot and unable to move.

“We have rescued dogs with a clip through the chest to keep them tied to the post, but never through the foot,” the non-profit rescue organization posted on their social media page with photos of the rescued dog. “We have seen a tremendous amount of cruelty before, but this one is new.”

Sadly, a lack of efforts by local authorities has not identified the previous owners of this dog. Rescue personnel describe the dog as very sweet. He is currently being treated for his injuries and is anticipated to move to a foster home until ready to be adopted.

Updates to follow.

To donate and help:

(769) 216-3414




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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Not very surprising coming from a state KNOWN for PURPOSELY keeping ALL the residents they can in POVERTY, which then allows these Mississippi CORRUPT Nazi’s in state government to keep them from VOTING by making it hard to get to a voting place BECAUSE they keep them so broke they can’t afford a car, much less gas. I bet yo’ momma is so proud of you Reeves. Sure hope you have a good excuse when you stand before GOD trying to explain your actions meant to PURPOSELY HARM HIS children and animals, because He can SEE right through your lies! PERIOD!


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