A sad good-bye to pitiful stray picked up in Florida

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A sad update about a pitiful stray has been shared by staff at the Nassau County Animal Services facility in Florida. On Sunday, a bedraggled, elderly dog was picked up as a stray after being found by a resident in the area. The dog, dubbed Candy, was taken to the animal control facility where it was determined that she was in extremely poor health.

The animal welfare agency detailed Candy’s list of maladies, and the difficult choice which was made to end her suffering:

She is an old dog, with multiple health issues, the most serious was advanced terminal cancer.
Given the advanced stage her cancer and her level of discomfort, the choice was heartbreaking, but obvious, In the short time she had left we made her as comfortable as possible, fed her some treats, showed her what love we could, and gently and humanely ended her life.

Though Candy couldn’t be saved, she was shown love and compassion in her final moments. The animal control agency thanked everyone who helped contribute to her care:

Thanks to all those who follow our page, share our posts and contribute to our special needs’ veterinary fund. While no amount of money, or treatment could save Candy, there are many other animals that owe their lives to you.
Here are some photos of Candy and a few pets that were helped by your compassion and generosity.

Rest in peace Candy.

Find the Nassau County Animal Services Facebook page here.

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Such a sweet parrot!



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  1. Aydan F says:

    screw you all trying to make your self feel better using her poor health hope you all burn in hell you dont put them down until stop eating or drinking you guys should find some one who would take care of her let me tell you all one think who ever distroy any of Gods creation will not be forgiving when the judgement day come


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