A pig named Walter is living his best life after surviving a horrible dog attack

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A pig named Walter is enjoying the best that life has to offer now that he has recovered from a horrible dog attack that left him with no ears, bloodied, dirty and downtrodden. That awful incident happened over seven months ago – before Walter was taking in by Gretchen Sommer, who runs the Lucky Day Animal Rescue in Michigan.

Sommer tells NBC 25 News how Walter is doing today:

“He’s just so happy and he brings so much joy to us here.”

Sommer explained to the news agency what happened before Walter arrived at her farm:

“He was attacked by dogs and left for dead; and it had happened over a week. His other pig friend had already been killed by the dogs.”

Adding what everyone should know, but sadly, they don’t:

“And he was suffering. Pigs feel pain. They’re emotional. They have every emotion, just as a dog or cat would,”

Fortunately, those horrible days are long gone and now Walter is living the good life, with Sommer and the other animals who reside on her farm. He will never again know pain and cruelty – as it should be.

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