A miracle – dog survives being pushed out of moving car, then reunited with owner after a year apart

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An Ohio animal shelter is calling a lucky pup’s story a miracle. The Brown County Humane Society shared the story of Savey, a dog who survived being pushed out of a moving car in May. The shelter explains who Savey skirted death and was then reunited with her owner after more than a year.

The shelter staff recounted the events leading up to the amazing reunion:

If you don’t believe in miracles. Maybe you should…..

Savey was the dog that was pushed out from a moving car Thursday night in Aberdeen. After she barrel rolled on the street she picked herself up and desperately tried to catch up with the car.
Our wardens brought her to the shelter that evening. Savey has been a good girl while here but understandably shook up and depressed.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Savey’s original owner found her photo and rushed to the shelter. He explained that Savey had been missing for more than a year. The shelter wrote:

Pictures were shared as he described her birthmarks and old scars to a tee. She had been with him since she was a small puppy.

Recounting the dog’s joyous reaction upon seeing her owner:

Savey recognized him as soon as we got to the hallway of the lobby and immediately started pulling and jumping for him. Our sad depressed girl quickly became happy wiggly and overjoyed to see her person.

Welcome home Savey!

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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