90 dogs, alive and dead, found in dilapidated trailer in Ohio

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Dozens of dogs and puppies, some alive, some dead, have been removed from a dilapidated single-wide trailer in Shadyside, Ohio. According to multiple sources, the dogs were living in squalor, with no access to food, water, or fresh air. The rescue was a coordinated effort among several agencies. The Belmont County Animal Rescue League explains what went into the large-scale rescue:

BCARL was assisted by many local and outside agencies: ASPCA, Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, Shadyside Police Department, Spirit of 76 Volunteer Fire Department, Pultney Township Trustee Frank Shaffer, Belmont County Health Department Rich Lucas, Belmont County Adult Protective Services, and New Life Fellowship Church. The ASPCA were professional, thorough, and they were prepared beyond belief. The Spirit of 76 was extremely helpful. Their crew stayed all day so the team at the scene could cool off in their ambulances and they helped transport animals from the scene to the shuttles.

As reported by WTRF News, the dogs were suffering from a slew of maladies, including eye infections, puncture wounds, and scars. Some of the dogs and puppies required emergency care. The ASPCA outlined what was discovered during the seizure:

They were crowded together in a small room. The dilapidated trailer was not safe for any person or animal to be in. The sunlight was shut out, and there was no ventilation—the odor was overwhelming with dangerous levels of ammonia. More than 90 dogs—including puppies—were living in these dangerous and neglectful circumstances when we arrived to help.
Many of the dogs were found with untreated medical conditions, some appeared to have open wounds, and many were extremely fearful.

The Belmont County Animal Rescue League is struggling under the sudden influx of dogs. You can make a donation at this link to their website.

Donations to the ASPCA can be made here.

The name of the dogs’ owner has not been released.


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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    I’ve been advising thousands of folks who are just as furious about this as others are and tell them: DO NOT DONATE TO ANY STATE THAT REFUSES TO ADDRESS THIS USING THE POWER OF THEIR OFFICES. It IS coming to fruition in Texas as they came up $45,000 below last years donations. These States that REFUSE to end these back yard breeding THUGS repeatedly astound anyone with common sense. Why? They won’t lift a finger to stop this, but THEY HAVE ZERO PROBLEM WITH FORCING THESE COSTS and EMOTIONAL TRAUMAS THAT COME from these rescues ON TO THEIR OWN TAX PAYING CONSTITUENTS. Pay, pay, pay taxes to FUND whatever your politicians WANT, but YOU? You get no help on something WE ALLOWED to GROW unchecked. Ohio: people across the WORLD believe states like YOURS are full of demon spawned RETARDS, REMEDIAL’S, INBRED’S, etc. Must make your grandparents PROUD to KNOW that everything THEY WORKED for is being pissed away by the likes of YOU, as you sit around and ALLOW YOUR politicians to siphon thousands from the coffers of YOUR county, town or municipality to fund lavish lifestyles THEY keep HIDDEN. Congratulations, you ARE the DUMBEST of the dumb. SMH!


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