8 years and counting – Robbie hopes to have a real home for Christmas

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For eight long years, a dog named Robbie has been waiting for a real home of his home. For the majority of his life, Robbie has not had a family of his own. His advocate, Peter, is hoping that this might be the Christmas that changes everything for his canine friend.

Robbie was confiscated from his original owner back in 2013 – he was taken to the City of San Bernardino Animal Control facility. After being pulled from the facility, Robbie went to Pets and Vets USA where he has been cared for ever since.

The now-senior dog (believed to be between 10 and 11 years of age) is currently living in Illinois, and his rescuer wants him to be adopted by someone in the state. His advocate tells the Pet Rescue Report:

I’ve been caring for him for 8 yrs (and) he is like one of my own personal dogs; I still want to see him for the rest of his life.

A letter to Santa has been penned from Robbie’s perspective:

Dear Santa, 

        I’ve been a very good boy, for the last 7 christmases I’ve spent them in a kennel and Peter has taken care of me, every morning I give Peter lots of kisses.  Over the years I see all the other dogs leave and never come back.  If I get lucky enough to find a family and I hope to never come back only to visit Peter.  All I wish is to have a family and a home to call my own.  I promise I will be a good boy if you can answer my wish.  I know I might not get that long with them because I am old but I will give them all my love.  If you can answer my wish I promise I will have a bunch of cookies and a gallon of milk for you when you come Christmas Eve, I will even give you some of my dog treats to give all of your reindeers and if you cant I wont be mad at you because you answered my wishes 8 years ago for me to be saved and not killed.


Robbie is a very good boy who will thrive in a loving home, with an experienced owner. The rescue group feels that a home with no children would be best, and though Robbie does well with other dogs (with a proper introduction) he prefers females.

If you have questions or are interested in meeting Robbie, please contact Pets and Vets USA at:

Email: Petsandvetsusa@gmail.com

Phone: (630) 235-3777

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