17 puppies in a tote left in a leaky shed overnight – three did not survive because of the rain

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An Alabama pet rescue organization is scrambling to save lives after taking on sickly puppies who were left in a tote, which was placed in a leaky shed that allowed rainwater to enter during the night. The Troy Animal Rescue Project recounted the tragic situation to Facebook followers on Wednesday, writing:

Late today, we intaked 14 tiny puppies. 14 puppies that have been through more in their little lives than any puppy should. You see, this story began yesterday with a post giving away 28 puppies. We immediately made contact with the owner and offered to take the puppies. Unfortunately, after initial contact, the calls went unheard.

According to the group, 11 of the puppies were given away, and 17 were put into the tote which was left in the leaky shed. The agency explains:

Sadly, the shed leaked from rain through the night and the tub slowly filled with water. Three precious lives were lost….

Detailing how the puppies came into their possession, and their pitiful condition:

The property owner made contact with us this afternoon and brought the remaining puppies to our rescue center. The puppies arrived in a plastic tote…All so tiny and frail. The puppies were soaking wet, covered in a mixture of water, diarrhea and urine. The smell was indescribable. Each trembling with from fear and cold.

One of the rescued pups did not survive, despite receiving medical care. The pup, dubbed Marco, was severely dehydrated, infested with parasites, and suffering from aspirate pneumonia. The group shared the sad news of his passing:

Despite Dr. Simmer’s best efforts, Marco has crossed rainbow bridge. Rest In Peace little guy.

According to the rescue group, the puppies are from three different litters – all born to feral mothers. The rescue group has made arrangements to get the mother dogs spayed to prevent this from happening again.


The rescue agency needs help to care for these puppies. Explaining how people interested in helping can assist:

We are in need of donations of Purina Puppy Chow, Canned puppy food, puppy pads, and monetary donations to cover the cost of their care. Food can be shipped to our rescue center at 34 County Road 2266, Brundidge, AL 36010. Monetary donations can be made to http://www.troyanimalrescueproject.org/donate.html

Follow the National Animal News Facebook page for more news, updates and petitions.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: I tell everyone “Don’t let litters become trash!!! Spay or neuter your pets….. Chip & clip when you adopt”…..

    Precious little treasures who never had a chance to live and love and be loved, please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.

    Very sorry that you were failed by humans. Those humans responsible for dumping your parents will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty.


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