Young, partially paralyzed and pregnant shepherd had to crawl around for food

paralyzed shepherd had to drag herself around
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A German shepherd rescue in Virginia has taken in a young dog, just a year of age, who is partially paralyzed and pregnant. The German shepherd, dubbed Faye, has a heartbreaking story and her condition is dismal. On Tuesday, Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue introduced Faye to Facebook fans, describing what is known of her history:

She was laying on the side of the road for 2 days – likely hit by a car. Moving in circles, dragging her frail body around. Her owners moved and left her along with 2 other GSD’s (who we are told are locked on the property and investigating).

A compassionate woman, en route to work (to help deliver a baby) was unable to stop, but posted about the pitiful dog on social media. The post made its way to rescuers, who were able to locate her and get her the help she so desperately needed.

The rescue group shared shocking news after Faye went to a veterinarian, writing:

Pregnant and Paralyzed

We cannot believe we are sharing this update with you. Faye doesn’t have pyometra, she has BABIES. Her frail, 39lb broken body is carrying puppies and we are completely shocked.

The exam also revealed that Faye had likely been beaten and hit by a car – suffice to say, prior to being rescued, Faye’s life was fraught with misery.

The rescue group is trying to decide how to proceed – her body is frail and weak and she is unable to undergo surgery. You can follow Faye’s progress on Facebook here.

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