Worker mauled to death by performing bear at Russian circus

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A worker was mauled to death by a performing brown bear at a Russian circus after entering the animal’s cage. Valentin Bulich, 28, entered the bear’s cage and locked himself inside at the famous Great Moscow State Circus on Sunday.

According to the Mirror, officials stated Bulich had violated safety protocols. The seven-year-old bear had ripped away the man’s scalp before rescuers could get into the cage. Bulich suffered fatal wounds and died at the hospital. The cage had been locked from the inside which stymied his rescuers from getting into the cage.

Bulich’s motives for entering the bear’s cage is under investigation. Friends and family described him as a hardworking and dedicated employee who had been very involved in his job of caring for the animals.

The circus uses three Russian bears to perform. The bear was not shot after the incident, however recent animal rights advocates have expressed concern over incidents involving circus animals  trained using inhumane methods.

While in training, the bears’ teeth are removed, their claws are cut and a metal ring inserted into their nose. A rope attached to the nose ring which, during training, is painfully pulled whenever the cub disobeys. Sticks and whips are  used during the performance. In order to give the perception of the bear dancing, the trainer plays music while the bear stands on a hot platform lifting one paw after another to keep its paws from being burned.

The bears are captured as cubs and trained to dance and perform tricks. The cubs’ mothers are killed while capturing the babies; this practice continues in Siberia to this day.

Even after the bears are finally freed from the rigorous demands of performing and sent to sanctuaries, they often suffer from physical and emotional issues for the rest of their lives.

(Screenshot via Great Moscow State Circus)

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  1. Evelyn Taylor says:

    This is karma in my opinion,wild animals should not be used for entertainment purposes, being tortured to do tricks don’t stop the animals from retaliating when they have just had enough of the pain day after day,put yourself in their shoes wouldn’t you do the same?


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