Woman ‘kicks’ out at swans mating while witness pushed into canal

In Limehouse, East London, a woman allegedly kicked out at a pair of mating swans and then a witness was pushed into the canal. The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating Friday’s incident and have asked for the public’s help identifying the woman.


The video showed a gang of teens gather around a pair of swans before one girl sticks her leg out – appearing to kick the birds. According to the Sun, as a man confronts the young woman, a group of boys shove the witness into the canal. The boys claimed the girl was actually trying to help the swans because she thought they were fighting.

The group of teens then walked away. The Daily Mail reported witnesses at the scene defended the woman, claiming she was trying to break up a vicious fight between the two swans.

“Obviously this is irrelevant to the pushing into the water of the man who intervened. But the people involved were not just baiting the swans – it was an attempt to break up an attack.,” one observer reported.

No one was paying attention at that time so no one know what was caused the conflict. Swans are extremely emotional animals and very territorial.

So this father male swan went after the other couple swan. And he tried to murder the other male swan by using his mouth and neck to wrestle the other swan’s neck into the water trying to drown him. It was a brutal 4-5 minutes of fighting catching everyone’s attention. “

The swans did eventually break up and swam away.

The RSPCA and the police continue to call for witnesses, tweeting: “If anyone has further information on these individuals, please contact us on 0300 1234 999.”

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