Woman caught on video attacking dog

Woman caught on video beating, biting frightened dog

Officials in Redding, California, are searching for a woman caught on home surveillance video beating and biting a dog. As reported by KRCR News, a homeowner discovered the cruel incident after reviewing home surveillance footage from earlier this week after a woman approached her residence and was told to leave.

The footage shows a woman walking with a large breed dog – the leashed dog, who appears to be frightened of the woman, is thrown to the ground and bitten multiple times by the woman who appears to be angry that the dog will not willingly walk with her.

Woman caught on video beating and biting dog

At no point during the disturbing video does the abused dog react with any type of aggression towards the abusive woman. At the end of the video, in a heartbreaking show of loyalty, the dog gets up off of the ground and follows after the woman who was hurting him, rather than running away.

Information needed

The Redding police have been informed about the video and the Redding Animal Regulation is hoping to locate both the woman, and the dog. Anyone with information is asked to reach out to Redding Animal Regulation at 530-241-2550.

(Screenshots via KRCR News)

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  1. Rena Schneider-Crawford says:

    Someone has to know who this woman is!!! Please help find her so this poor, helpless dog can be removed from her custody!! She has no business even having a pet!!! I so hope she’s brought to justice for this cruel act!!!🤬🤬🤬


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