Wildlife officials euthanize bear who was lounging on homeowner’s couch

Bear killed
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A bear was “euthanized” by wildlife officials shortly after video was taken showing him lounging on a Colorado Spring homeowner’s couch. The bear entered the home on Sunday, and shortly thereafter, officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife made the decision to kill him.

The wildlife agency Tweeted:

Today, CPW wildlife officers euthanized a bear that entered a #ColoradoSprings home. Learn how to bearproof your home to avoid human-bear interactions. #BearAware

The blue tag in the bear’s ear means that he had shown little fear of humans in the past, reports CBS 4 News.

CPW District Wildlife Manager Cassidy English commented on the sad situation:

“It’s always a hard day when we have to euthanize a bear. Our mission is to protect wildlife. When bears become habituated to people, they can become a threat to public safety. This is why it is so important that our community works together to keep wildlife wild.”

(Screenshot of CPW video showing bear inside of home)

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  1. It’s VERY sad to euthanize this bear…..

    However, for those who did not grow up with bears as outdoor neighbors, wild bears are not “adorable, living teddy bears”…… Wild bears are very smart and very dangerous. We had to take precautions at all times. Wild bears will eat ANYTHING: pets left outside, kids, the car (if anything food scented is left in it, like coconut scented lip gloss), trash……

    My Dad always said that a bear that had lost its fear of humans was “a dead bear walking” because there was bound to be a conflict with humans that would not end well for all involved…….

    The best we can all do is LEAVE the wildlife wild!!!

    It’s one thing to rescue orphans (that really are orphans) and send them to a rehab center for eventual return to the wild…..

    It’s absolutely wrong to feed wildlife because you want a selfie or photo shoot with your kids…….. habituating wildlife to humans won’t end well for anyone involved…..


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