Viral video showing man abusing dog to get back at ex-girlfriend leads to arrest

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It only took less than an hour on Tuesday evening, when an American immigrant to Tel Aviv videoed himself abusing his dog to get back at his ex-girlfriend, for a mob of nearly 200 people to arrive at the suspect’s private residence in Bat Yam to rescue the dog and administer their own justice.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Alan Ross Morrison, 30 was arrested and the dog named Taylor was safely rescued and examined by the Agriculture Ministry. Although Taylor was very timid when first removed from Morrison’s home, he has since relaxed and is reportedly doing fine.

Two videos released on social media by Dennis Charkov showed the egregious abuse:

(WARNING: Extremely graphic and disturbing videos and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.)

The first video showed the suspect repeatedly thrashing Taylor while the dog cowered and cried in both fear and pain.

The second video showed Taylor muzzled and his feet restrained with rope, while his abuser beat the defenseless dog on the abdomen. The heartbreaking cries of the dog screaming in pain outraged everyone who viewed the video.

Police officers were sent to the scene and were unable to reach Morrison as the crowd of furious animal lovers arrived and demanded justice as they tried to enter the man’s home in what could have turned into a public lynching news sources stated.

Officers were able to drag Morrison out through a window and arrest him. He remains in custody and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Taylor was originally adopted from the SPCA of Israel and will be transferred to one of the country’s animal welfare groups where he will be made available for adoption.

“It turns out the dog has a very good and strong character, and he’s very grateful,” stated the Agriculture Ministry veterinarian Dr. Dagnit Ben-Dov.

Advocates are reaching out for stronger animal cruelty laws. Every country should re-evaluate their animal cruelty laws. It has been proven that people who abuse their pets, are likely to abuse other humans – especially women and children.

(Photos via Twitter and screenshots Facebook videos Dennis Charkov)

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