Video shows Detroit police officer shoot dog in the face in its own yard

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In a disturbing home video captured in real time on Wednesday afternoon in Detroit, a police officer apparently shot a dog in the face killing it in the pet’s own fenced in yard.

According to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, the footage was caught on a home camera system, as the dog is seen barking through the fence at policemen and police dogs. One police dog approached the fence, and from there chaos commenced as the dog inside of the fence appeared to be latched onto the other dog. The video does not show the police officer try to separate the dogs; instead the officer shoots the dog inside of the fence in the face – killing it.

What do you think? Did the dog inside of his own yard deserve to be shot because he acted out and grabbed the policeman’s dog? Consider the police dog has a handler who should be qualified to make decisions regarding the health and safety of his dog.

Updates to follow. Developing story.

Check out the video here: (Graphic and upsetting – use discretion)

To contact the authorities. Please voice your concern and call the precinct and Detroit Mayor’s office demanding justice.
Phone: (313) 267-4600 or (313) 267-4639
Detroit Mayor’s Office Phone: (313) 224-3400
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  1. There you go . . . the police are determined to act like brutal tools out to kill and injure whatever they can get their hands on . . . and they’d never be charged with anything outside of the law for slaughtering the probably-barking white dog . . . the cop had his dog, brought it to the fence . . . and BAM. he kills it. The woman, Black, is in no way ing to hang around to find out why those police killed the dog – – – they’d be in her yard with her flipped on the ground, cuffed and someone kneeling on her neck in a split second. Police are our friends? Eh, not so much . . . a lot of suspicion whenever I, 80 and white, see a cop.

  2. How can they justify shooting dog that is doing its job protecting its territory FROM BEHIND A FENCE? I hope they sue the Detroit police. The dog handler has the same capacity to recognise the domestic dogs worth and rights as his own dogs. Different if it was out in the street but it wasn’t. Shame on you. Absolutely disgusted, couldn’t even euthanise it when it was in agony.


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