UPDATE: Young dog set to be put to sleep at shelter: And his name is Lucky?

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RESCUED: Many thanks to Dogs Without Borders – please read:

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Lucky was on the euthanasia list, but we couldn’t let that happen! We’re stepping in and saving his life. He has multiple pelvic fractures and will need surgery to fix him up. Can you spare a little to help us save his life?!

Please donate below or you can go to Paypal.me/DogsWithoutBorders to donate to Lucky’s medical fund. Please add note on final confirmation “for Lucky” if donating via PayPal

We have a temporary foster, but will also eventually need a longer-term foster. Please email Chloe if you’ve already applied, or go to DWB.pw/foster-app

At the South LA Shelter, Lucky has only until Sunday (November 15 at 4:00 p.m); after that the three-year-old mixed breed is set to be humanely euthanized. Since late last week, he has been on an orange alert at the shelter.

Lucky arrived at the shelter in September and appears to have been adopted from the shelter last July. When animal control found him, poor Lucky had numerous injuries and if not rescued, the shelter has no more patience.

“Lucky is only 3 years old, 16.5 pounds. The shelter says he is a friendly little dog but is “very anxious”. Of course he is. His situation is absolutely heartbreaking. Someone “adopted” him and he was injured. And now he is back and about to be killed at only 3 years of age.

I can’t believe his name is Lucky,” a volunteer writes.

His medical notes from the shelter indicate the following:

“Radiographs show fracture to Left acetabulum, ischium, Left/Right pubis, Right iliac, luxation of Left sacro-iliac, old injury to sacrum-Cd1-Cd2.”

“Lucky #A1943829 at South LA – must exit 11/15 4pm!
OK this is what I know. This sweet little guy has an old injury and he can’t bear weight on his back leg. So he is uncomfortable and he has been given a deadline. He is about three years old, underweight at 13 pounds and truly darling. He’s neutered.”

His behavior assessment:

“Lucky seems to be a very anxious young dog. He does pull a little on the leash but he seems to be well behaved and friendly. When taken out to the yard he seemed to be constantly anxious and didn’t really seem to relax. He allowed me to pet him and remove the leash without any issues. He also allowed to be leashed easily. He did attempt to explore the yard a bit as long as I was sitting still, the moment I got up to walk around he would follow. He took treats from me only when inside his kennel, and he took them very gently.”



For all inquiries, contact the shelter or call 213.264.8996. Please share Lucky’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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