Update: Senior Boxer abandoned on blanket on side of freeway

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An elderly Boxer was abandoned on the side of a busy freeway near Fontana, California on Sunday morning. Whoever dumped her, left the poor dog sitting on a blanket baking in the sun. Fortunately, Good Samaritans stopped to help her,  waited more than two hours for animal control to arrive, but finally had to take the dog themselves.

Dream Fetchers, a non-profit animal rescue organization, stepped forward and transported Sierra to  FAD: Free Animal Doctor.

An initial examination has determined the tumor growing over her toe is cancerous. A biopsy will determine how aggressive and what the plan of action will be. If she is healthy enough for surgery, her toe will be amputated.


Sierra’s radiographs show her lungs and heart look clear, but her entire spine is fused down to her tailbone, thus explaining why she is in pain why she tried to sit or lie down. At this time, she is on Bravecto, pain medication for arthritis and antibiotics to help cure the skin infections on her body.

“She is unable to hold her urine and soaks herself, so I made an executive decision to bring her home until a permanent/hospice foster is found so I can maintain her clean and comfortable 24/7,” stated Sierra’s foster mom.

She has been laying in a quiet room sleeping comfortably on a cozy bed for hours.

I’m anxious for the results tomorrow. She’s clearly been through so much and probably had to deal with the pain for too long.

She has the best temperament. She loves people. When she saw me for the second time she wagged her little nub and gave me tons of kisses. She deserves so much and thanks to all of the incredible, generous donors she will be getting nothing but the best from here on out!

A permanent rescue situation would be wonderful for Sierra. Until suitable arrangements can be made, Sierra has the best caretakers of all and will live out her life – whether two days, two weeks or two years with lots of love and care.

Donations: https://freeanimaldoctor.org/campaigns/sierra/

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very glad this precious treasure is in such caring hands!!! We have had a furbaby like Sierra. I made him homemade diapers, foam comfort pillows to rest on…. we also got him a wheelchair. All of these really helped sustain his life quality. Like Sierra, he also had cancer. In his case, the cancer killed him fairly quickly. Hopefully Sierra’s cancer has not metastasized……..


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