Update on emaciated dog lying in parking lot as bystanders ignored him

On Saturday morning, in a thickly populated Houston suburb, bystanders ignored the plight of an emaciated, suffering dog. Lying on the hot macadam on a boiling hot day, people just walked around him – that is until someone notified a volunteer from ThisIsHouston.

“He is so emaciated, has lacerations everywhere, burning up in the heat and seizing with blood,” a volunteer from the rescue organization ThisIsHouston posted on social media as she gently picked the pup up and placed him in her car heading to the emergency veterinarian hospital.

“He was unresponsive and unable to blink with whole body shaking when Kourtney got there. She poured a bottle of cold water on a towel, placed it on him and had A/C on full blast and he was no longer shaking, became responsive to her speaking, blinking and lifting his head so super positive news.”

Once the dog dubbed Opie by his rescuers arrived at Vergi247, the lifesaving treatment began. It seems as if Opie had walked so long on the blistering hot pavement that he developed open, bloody sores on his paw pads. And then he collapsed on the hot pavement as the sun beamed down on him and had a heat stroke – yet people in the area never bothered to help, except for Sabrina; someone who cared.

Opie weighs 30 pounds and is a young pup. He is emaciated and has sores over his body – some already having healed into scars. His arm appears to be the worst, and he has clearly been neglected for a long period of time.

“Poor baby boy has rocks in his stomach pending report to see if they will be passable or if he’ll need surgery to remove them. Ringworm – not mange. Wound on right wrist that needs cleaning and bandaging and hopefully they can close it in the next couple of days.

He was having a heatstroke, which explains the seizing. We still don’t know where the blood came from, but we are so happy to hear he’s stable.

….Phosphorus low… On fluids, pain meds and antibiotics. Anemic and will possibly need a blood transfusion…”

Updates will continue to be posted on the organization’s page, as always.

To donate to Opie:
Call VERGI at 713-932-9589

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