Update: Man who threw dog off bridge 30ft into lake below arrested

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In a disturbing  video, a man from India who intentionally threw a stray dog from a bridge into a Bhopal lake  30 feet below and then smiled for the camera on Sunday has been arrested. The 29-year-old man was charged on Monday after the viral video helped outraged viewers identify the culprit.

The incident occurred at the Boat Club Road near Van Vihar on the banks of the Upper Lake. The accused man was arrested from Bhopal’s Qazi Camp and he has been charged with “mischief by killing or maiming any animal.” The man has since apologized for his actions stating it was a mistake.

According to the Street Dogs of Bombay,

“Culprit is arrested – A 29 year old man, named Salman on Sunday being arrested for throwing a street dog in the lake of Bhopal. Bhopal Police arrested him yesterday at 12am, he actually ran away from his place and alot of hassle and problems were faced by the police. He is at Shymala Police station now, he is been arrested under Section 11 of PCA Act, 1960 and section 429, 1860.

Hope justice will be served in right way with maximum punishments.

Please raise this case as this not acceptable. Things won’t be tolerated anymore with animals.”

And then there is more good news. The dog has been found alive and well. The stray had been receiving regular attention, food, water and medical care from local rescuers. When they saw the video and recognized the dog thrown off of the bridge, they were outraged and heartbroken. Fortunately, the dog survived and is safe.

“This incident is a remark that how animals are being treated, it is luck that the soul is alive but can’t forget the fact that it was an attempt to kill and abuse a dog.
People don’t have any fear before attempting such crimes.”



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