Texas Petco employees laughed at ‘down in luck’ man’s dog asking for help

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In Pasadena, Texas, a disturbing incident has sparked the ire of animal lovers concerning Petco employees laughing at a “down in his luck” man trying to feed his dog he loved very much.

In a now viral post, an animal advocate, who had been a regular customer at Petco, had been cutting through the Pasadena Petco parking lot on her way to Kroger and noticed employees of the pet supply store throwing away merchandise including high end therapeutic dog beds along with bags of food into a dumpster behind the store.

“I stopped because the ones on top all looked brand new,” Lisa Jezek wrote in her post on Facebook. “An elderly man approached me and told me he saw the store employees cutting up and throwing away these new items. He was down on his luck but had a little elderly dog that he loved very much and politely asked them for just a small bag of the food so he could feed his little senior dog that they were throwing away anyway and was told NO very rudely.”

The employees laughed at the old man and his senior dog as he watched them destroy the dog food, bedding and items that the man could have used along with local shelters and rescue organizations. Surely any rescue would have appreciated the food and bedding!

“What Pasadena Petco throws in their trash almost on a daily basis is shameful and they don’t JUST throw it away,” continued Lisa. “They attempt to completely destroy by slashing and cutting it so that NO ONE can use it. SUCH WASTE when there are so many animals starving and the shelters and rescues struggle everyday to provide just the bare minimum for the animals that deserve so much better.”

It is not known how Petco can be so wasteful, and for the heartless employees who stood there and laughed at an old man and his hungry dog – denying the pup just a small bag of food. If the store is worried about people picking through the trash and trying to return the discarded items back to the store, why not just remove the bar code?

“Whether it’s food or any other item they can simply have recipients sign a waiver not holding the store responsible because it’s been returned for whatever reason. Pretty simple. I may be just one person but this is one person that won’t be back to shop here.”

It is truly understandable that Petco has certain protocols for disposing of used merchandise, recalled merchandise, open food bag, et al, but surely some degree of compassion should exist.

Petco has since responded.

Petco Hi Sandie and Jeanne. Thank you for your comments, we appreciate your concern. Please be assured that this is being addressed.

Updates to follow. Please be respectful when contacting Petco.

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10 replies
  1. Dana says:

    Can someone tell me who the man is would like to help him so him and his pup can’t eat. Petco I will not be coming back in in concord nc shame on you

  2. Julia Sharp says:

    I wrote Petco and got this response:
    We understand and appreciate your concern, Julia. This situation is currently under investigation.
    That simply means nothing will be done and it is best for everyone to BOYCOTT PETCO until they change corporate policy and until they hire people that understand you do not ridicule senior citizens and their animals.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    It seems to me that they could donate these items after removing bar codes and tags.

    It’s a “win-win” for everyone!!!

    • Rhonda Reichel says:

      I would have given him the dog food they threw out… wouldn’t you?

      In fact why not donate it to shelters? Pet & human shelters because a lot of homeless people have dogs.

      I hate that this happened in Texas. It’s certainly bad PR. Cruel.

  4. Carol says:

    I have made a point to avoid Petco or PetSmart for several years now. I cannot abide the fact they sell animals that come from breeding facilities, much like the worst puppy mills you’ve ever seen. Animals like rats, mice, snakes, lizards, birds and even fish are born and raised in the most inhumane conditions imaginable, and the abuse continues when these stores get their hands on them. They don’t treat animals with respect and obviously the same goes for humans… unless you have money.

  5. Raina Spaziani says:

    I am currently on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor regarding this policy. I suggest in the meantime you shop at Pet Val U, who donates all the discontinued, close to code, damaged items to local shelters and is VERY rescue friendly. This would have never happened at a Pet Val U and I know this first hand as I am VP of a local rescue that they help.

  6. Laura says:

    This shows what those places are all about, and it’s not love for animals. They have contempt for both people and animals; it’s all about making money off people’s love for their animals. Every animal at petco stores (and others like them) needs rescue. No one should shop there.

  7. Janet says:

    When checking out at Petsmart , what is the 1st thing the cashier says? “Would you like to donate….”
    My answer was always yes, until I befriended a wildlife “rehaber.” I joined her on several trips to a Petsmart dumpster where she hoped to find enough animal food left in slit bags to help offset her personal finances for buying 4 50lb bags of dog food every week. When I saw the deliberate waste by this big box store, I was appalled. If I MUST shop there now, I reply “No. Not until your corporate agrees to do the same instead of destroying food, beds, etc that could help local shelters and private citizens.”


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