Stunning shepherd surrendered by family

Stunning Max started new year homeless after family left him at shelter

A stunningly handsome German shepherd named Max started off the new year as a homeless dog. The three-year-old shepherd, Max, was surrendered to the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson facility on New Year’s Eve because his family said that he has “too much energy.”

On December 31, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs wrote:

SAVE a LIFE!! ❤️ Please FOSTER or ADOPT! 🔷😍
🚨 Shelter is Filling up! 🚨

Sweet Gorgeous MAX was left by his family on New Year’s Eve because he had too much energy for them and they didn’t invest the time and energy into having an amazing German Shepherd. Please SHARE for his life, he’s SO special and a FOSTER or ADOPTER would save him. Thanks!

It would seem that Max’s family did not research the breed they chose before bringing their dog home…shepherds are highly intelligent dogs who thrive with mental and physical stimulation. Did Max’s family take him for walks? Did they enroll him in obedience classes? Did they take him out to play ball? Nobody knows.

What is known is that nearly half of January has passed and this stunning boy is still sitting at the busy animal control agency, waiting to be saved.


You can help Max find a new home, or a rescue agency, by sharing his information. Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
Ask for information about animal ID number A5343825

INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you’re in LA, OC, San Bernadino or Riverside County and would like to apply to foster a Carson pup, please visit to complete the online foster application.

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal shelter. The Pet Rescue Report is NOT the point of contact. Thank you!

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