Six-week-old puppy has been to hell and back but his will to survive is awesome

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The Saving Huey Foundation in Aguanga, California refused to give up when a six-week-old puppy arrived at the rescue foundation on December 16 after a plea went out for help:

“I just received a disturbing message about this dog. I am told that he’s been burned and cut with scissors. I have no idea what’s going on, however my amazing friend, Griss, has gone to pick him/her up and will go straight to the vet.”

The puppy dubbed Kringle had been to “hell and back” – he had been burned over much of his tiny body, his ears had nearly been completely cut off and the larvae in his ears indicated that these atrocities had not just happened.

“Kringle” has been picked up and is on his way to the vet.
Have you ever seen such a traumatic picture? My heart physically hurts looking at this fearful boy. He’s only a puppy, yet has suffered unimaginable horrors. If I didn’t need to be here setting up his rescue and vetting, I would be heading to Mexico with my bat in one hand…”

After being rushed to the organization’s  veterinarian partner, the physicians weren’t able to find a vein to start an intravenous line; instead the puppy received warm SubQ fluids via a catheter. He suffered from severe septicemia, and when his rescue journey began his prognosis was poor. Kringle needed a miracle.

For the last few weeks, Kringle has been slowly recovering with the help of his amazing medical staff. He has been sedated numerous times while debriding procedures have been going well. He has graduated to receiving oral medications which means his tiny body doesn’t have to be poked as much with needles.

“Our sweet Kringle is eating and drinking well. He had another debriding procedure and it went well,” the organization posted on Saturday morning. “… his protein level is still low, but he hasn’t needed the additional blood or plasma transfusion.

The fish skin samples have come in and we are waiting for them to be matched up with Kringle’s skin type. Once that is done, we will purchase the skin and then Kringle will undergo the transplant surgery.”

Check out one of his latest videos: (copy and paste the url into your browser to view the video)

Kringle’s recovery continues, however his veterinarian bills continue to accrue. To help:

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•Mail – Saving Huey Foundation, 40565 Lake Riverside Dr. Aguanga, CA 92536

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    And these VILE DEMON SPAWNED THUGS from Mexico/South America wonder WHY so many Americans DO NOT WANT THEM HERE! CLOSE the BORDER until these countries get their “house in order”. PERIOD!


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