Sheriff says no laws broken after investigator at wrong address shot family dog

In Little Rock, Arkansas, a family is grieving after an investigator from the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office shot and killed their family dog after arriving at the wrong address during a compliance check.

Chris Coiner, who lives at the home, said his dog was shot and killed because he barked. According to Fox News,  James Freeman went to 72 Autumn Hills for the check, but was  told by a girl the sex offender lived at 76 Autumn Hills road where Chris Coiner lives; and that was where Freeman shot the three-year-old dog named Clide.

Coiner recorded the interaction with Freeman, who allegedly told the dog’s owner he was an investigator looking for Samuel. When Coiner asked him at what address, the investigator said “72A”. Coiner ordered the investigator off his property.

Sheriff Tim Ryals stated as Freeman approached the Coiner home, a dog came out from under the mobile home and started to bark and growl at him. Freeman allegedly told the dog to get back, and the dog retreated as Coiner arrived in the driveway, but approached Freeman again more aggressively and lunged at him. That’s when Freeman said he shot and killed Clide.

According to Sheriff Ryal’s statement on social media, multiple witnesses said the dog had a prior history of being aggressive towards humans.

Read the complete statement here:

A Message From Sheriff Ryals

Since taking office in 2017, I have been an advocate of integrity, professionalism, and transparency. I hold my deputies and investigators to the highest of standards to protect and serve the residents of our community.

On Tuesday I was notified of a use of force incident that occurred on November 9, 2020, involving Investigator James Freeman. The incident occurred at 76 Autumn Hills Road where Investigator Freeman fired his service weapon at an animal. Investigator Freeman was doing a compliance check on a registered sex offender, and went to the property listed as the subject’s address. There are several mobile homes at the 76 Autumn Hills Road address that are not distinguishable by letter or number. Upon arrival, a juvenile female informed Investigator Freeman that the sex offender lived next door to her. Investigator Freeman approached the mobile home, and a dog came from under the building and started barking and growling. Investigator Freeman told the dog to get back. The dog then went back under the mobile home after being called by his owner from behind the mobile home. Investigator Freeman began to walk towards the back of the mobile home. However, after taking a few steps, the dog approached him more aggressively. Investigator Freeman was placed in an unfortunate situation with his back against the mobile home and no way to escape the dog. He again told the dog to get back and the dog lunged at him. As a result, Investigator Freeman deployed his weapon on the animal.

At my request, Faulkner County Investigators have been working diligently over the last week to determine whether or not Investigator Freeman violated any state law and/or our agency’s policies and procedures. During that time, Investigators spoke with multiple witnesses who stated the dog had a history of acting aggressively towards humans.

After a thorough investigation, we have concluded that no policies or laws were violated. We, in law enforcement, answer calls every day that require split-second, life and death decisions. We strive to be right 100 percent of the time. Our Department is saddened by this unfortunate incident and sincerely apologize for any distress it may have caused.

The family remains devastated by this tragedy, and disagree with the report.

I am so sad and heartbroken today from the lose of a family member… My family especially my 3 year old son, ( Clide was his best friend) are still reeling. 🥺 ” Clide” our two and a half year old ( terrier mix) canine/adopted son. Was taken from us on 11/09/20 for barking at a stranger in the yard , that was at the door of what is clearly a storage building. Witch (sic) has a board pushed in the ground holding door shut from the OUTSIDE.

I had full faith in the work that Lt.Kevin Neal did with” internal investigation”. All the questions he asked and recorded , (in our family’s opinion), made it clear something was wrong at this ” crime scene”

…From the time Freeman was out of his vehicle (at what he knew was not the address on his paperwork)(when Clide started barking) to the time I heard the shot was approx 20 seconds. ( I was 3 steps out of the front door) I timed it later.
Tabitha watched it all out the window as Freeman pulled his weapon and shot Clide in the head.

Read previous coverage here.

Rest in peace Clide.

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