Senior shepherd left in a ditch, taken to shelter and now slated to die

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 MILLER LEFT SHELTER yesterday with his foster mom who was actually the Good Samaritan! She took him to a pet store directly to pick his favorite treats. Thank you Midwest Animal Rescue and Services for taking Miller in! He will get some care in town until is ready to transport. His fundraiser for the rescue and his vetting is this link so please honor your pledges! 

A senior German shepherd with one of the saddest stories is currently on the list for euthanasia at BARC Animal Shelter in Houston. Everyday the shelters fill up with strays and unwanted pets; and now with Covid-19 causing a pandemic, the process to find foster homes and permanent placement becomes much more complicated and slower.

And so we have the heartbreaking story of Miller; this senior came into the shelter on April 9, 2020, and no one has expressed any interest in saving his life. He is a gentle boy whose story needs to be told; he is not available for adoption – just for rescue.

“A good samaritan was driving home from work, near TC Jester and Pinemont, on Creekmont, a narrow road with commercial warehouse buildings. He spotted a tall furry thing in the ditch and pulled over. It was a dog, laying there with a rope tied around its neck. The dog got up to slowly walk away, with the rope dragging between his legs. He went over to a tall cup of water, not sure if left for him when he was dumped or left for him by someone else that saw him. But it was too tall, he couldn’t get a drink out of it.”

The Good Samaritan tried to catch him when other dogs from a nearby junk yard ran out and tried to attack the shepherd.

 “An 18-wheeler pulled up behind them, and the driver got out to help. While the good samaritan kept the junkyard dogs at bay, the 18-wheeler driver and sister hoisted the doggie into the car. The dog was very nonreactive to the other dogs trying to get at him. He let his finders pick him up and handle him with no issues.”

Miller was very weak, hot and thirsty; his rescuers took him to BARC where he was examined. He has a large tumor on his leg, and although he looks as if he has been struggling to survive, his teeth seem to be in good condition and he is younger than he first appeared.

The shelter estimates Miller to be 10-years-old, a German shepherd mix, weighs 62 pounds, tested positive for heartworms and has a large tumor on his leg. Nevertheless, doesn’t this dog deserve better than what has happened to him.

Miller’s review by the shelter is set for Monday; there isn’t much time to help him. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Make sure to reference #A1688642. Pledges are being accepted and will be paid to the approved rescue organization after Miller is safely out of the shelter. 

Address3300 Carr St, Houston, TX 77026

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