black bear shot and killed

Residents left out food for curious bear, then conservation officers killed him

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A curious black bear, dubbed Huckleberry, lost his life after being killed by Conservation officers in the North Shore area of British Columbia. Huckleberry was well known to residents in the Deep Cove community and until his demise, staff with the North Shore Black Bear Society were able to easily move him out of residential areas thanks to his calm and “easy-going” personality.

But everything changed thanks to residents in the area who began leaving food out for Huckleberry in an effort to capture photos and videos of him while he ate. In a Facebook post, North Shore Black Bear Society writes:

Reports started coming in of you finding easy rewards from garbage and organics carts. People admitted they allowed you to do that for a video and they neglected to move you on…a death sentence. If only people had used a firm voice with you, you would have listened. Or respected you enough to not have any garbage or food scraps accessible in the first place. We did you a disservice, Huckleberry.

And explained how he was ultimately killed after the temptation of food became too much for conservation officers to allow any longer:

On July 31st you were eating berries at the edge of the forest. We headed out to make sure you were not being crowded or chased by dogs. By the time we reached you, you were being followed by residents who wanted a video of you eating organics from an unlocked cart. Due to the crowd of people, it wasn’t safe for us to move you on. When you finished eating, you calmly walked by and left our gaze. That was the last time we saw you. Later that day you were tranquilized by the Conservation Officers and taken away to be killed.

Huckleberry was amicable, but the people who ignored recommendations for how to interact with bears destroyed him. The society expressed its sorrow:

You were willing to coexist, but people were not. You showed us every time we met that you were a good natured bear, we are deeply sorry that we couldn’t save you. We’ll always have a place in our hearts for you, sweet boy.

(Stock image via Pixabay and screenshot via Global News video)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:


  2. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP precious treasure. Sorry you were failed so badly by some very stupid humans.

    You were an excellent bear and paid for human stupidity with your precious life. Your life mattered and I hope you get justice (I hope those humans who specifically had a part in feeding you human food are punished to the full extent of the law. I hope they feel guilt for the rest of their lives that their stupidity cost you your life)………


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