Rescued kitten needs emergency surgery

A rescued six-month-old kitten had to undergo emergency surgery.  The kitten, now named Crystal was rescued from a wooded area near Deltona, Florida. A Good Samaritan came across her while feeding some other homeless cats.

When she was found she had a crushed pelvis and femur, possibly hit by a car. Only an emergency surgery would save her life. Holly Luisi, a local animal rescuer and advocate, took Crystal in and consulted several veterinarians about her condition.

Only one could perform the needed surgery.

Affiliated Veterinary Services in Maitland, Florida advised Crystal would need bone plates put in to fix her pelvis. Unfortunately, the shattered pelvis bones could possibly perforate her colon; there was not a lot of time.

All in all, Crystal would need two surgeries. The first to fix and replace the pelvis with bone plates and/or remove it; the second to remove the affected leg.

The cost of the two surgeries was quoted at anywhere from $6000.00 to $8,000.00.

Holly wanted to raise the money for the surgeries first, but because Crystal’s condition could not wait, she was in danger of dying, they had to proceed quickly to save her life. When the surgeon was performing the surgery, they found Crystal’s pelvis was completely shattered and therefore could not be repaired with plates and screws.

Her blood pressure dropped during surgery, so the surgeon made the decision to stop and remove the affected leg in another surgery. Crystal recovered after a few days, so the second surgery was performed.  Not only was the femur crushed but the ball of the femur as well. The leg had to be removed.

Thankfully, there was no damage to the colon so Crystal will be able to urinate and defecate on her own. Incontinence would require very special care for the rest of her life to empty her bladder and bowels twice daily. Despite what she has gone through, and the fact that she only has 3 legs, this spunky little kitten has touched the hearts of all who have met her

Although the lifesaving surgeries were performed, the bill to Affiliated Veterinary Services still needs to be paid. The outstanding bill to the vet is $6049.57.

Gail Nagan, a friend of Holly’s and a fellow rescuer has raised $500.00 through fundraising. Holly has raised $160. That still leaves a balance of $5400.00. In addition to the surgical costs, Crystal will also need more x-rays at 4 weeks and again at 8 weeks post op to see how she is healing.

That will require another $342.00.

Please help Crystal in her journey by donating to her fundraiser here .  No amount is too small.

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