Rescue owner’s heartbreaking message to owner of 14-year-old dying dog left in trash

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In Fort Bend County, Texas, a 14-year-old dog was discovered Thursday lying on a pile of trash on the coldest night of the season. Jamie’s Animal Rescue answered the plea for help.

A Good Samaritan had been on her way to take her son to school when she noticed the dog lying on the corner of the street bringing tears to her eyes. And so the lady went over to the dog, and when he lifted his head as she approached, the dog began to whimper. The woman asked for help on social media and offered to bring the dog home until help arrived.

“I won’t use your names even though I know them. I won’t post your information, even though I have it. But you should be ashamed of yourselves. Dumping your dying, 14-year-old dog on the coldest night of the year in a PILE OF TRASH,” the owner of Jamie’s Animal Rescue posted on social media.

The dog had been microchipped in 2007 when he was adopted from the Houston Humane Society.

Sadly, the senior pup wasn’t important to his owners; such a heartless action as a life had been left to slowly suffer and die.

“You conveniently didn’t have to drive very far to find a good dumping site for his frail, freezing, sick body. It only took you 6 minutes to pick out a spot, that way you could get back to being inside in the warmth,” the heartbreaking post continued on the group’s Facebook page.

His rescuers named him Bernard; his microchip revealed his name was Bailey. Apparently the dog has been ill for an extended period of time. His kidney values are off the charts, his body temperature is at 97 degrees, he is dehydrated, he can’t move and his entire body is stiff.

“What did you do for him,” his rescuer asked. “You failed him the most, you made the choice to let him die alone and in the cold rather than have him euthanized. You didn’t seek out help months ago when he started getting sick.”

The prognosis for Bernard is very poor, however his rescuers will do everything just to give him a chance.

“…a dog that I don’t even know but a dog that you knew for 14 years. He will truly be needing a Christmas miracle if you believe such things. I will hospitalize him for 3 days and they will do the best they can to see if his body is able to recuperate at all to at least give him a few more weeks to be a new adored member of our family, but if there are no improvements, that I will have to make a decision for him.”

Sending you hopes for a miracle sweet dog.

To help Bernard:

Foster Creek Vet 832-362-1227
Venmo: @jamiesanimalrescue

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.


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  2. Gen says:

    Thank you for helping. You are a better person then me because I would let EVERYONE know their names , so they can be treated the way they apparently treated the dog

    • Whitney says:

      Should turn the bastards into the cops! You should let their names be known so everyone knows what a worthless cruel piece of shit they are!


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