Pregnant dog abandoned with wire around her stomach in vile act of cruelty

In Romania, a pregnant dog was abandoned with wire tied around her stomach, killing her unborn puppies in utero in a horrible case of animal cruelty. In Romania, dogs are often abandoned, abused; their lives are hell on the streets or they are captured and die in kill shelters, according to the rescue group, Paws2Rescue who came to the dog’s aid just in time.

For hours, rescue volunteers tried to capture the frightened dog and when they did, she was rushed to a veterinarian hospital where it was too late for the unborn puppies she had been carrying.

“This girl was simply abandoned into the fields after she became pregnant,” stated the rescue organization’s founder Alison Standbridge to ExpressNews. “As her body grew heavier, there was only one way to stop her puppies being born – to tie wire around her stomach so tightly that it would end their life and most likely hers too…

What we saw was horrifying, the extent of the cruelness of the human mind to harm any living animal broke our hearts in two.”

Although the dog, now named Lana, did lose all of her puppies, she was lucky enough to have survived the unimaginably cruel ordeal. She is currently in a foster home and is expected to make a full recovery.

To help more dogs like Lana, donations can be made by clicking here.

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