Pregnant cow kneels and cries in front of slaughterhouse workers saved

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In southern China, a pregnant cow slated for slaughter was saved by Good Samaritans who donated to the rescue efforts after her heartbreaking video went viral on social media this week. The short video showed the cow bending both of her front legs and refusing to walk – her eyes seemingly to have been welled up with tears.

According to the Daily Mail, the public donated more than $3,500 to buy the cow alive. She had been at a slaughterhouse in Shantou in Guangdong Province on Sunday. When one of the workers tried to drag her off the truck and into the slaughterhouse, she knelt and seemed to have been crying.

“On January 5, 2020, in Shantou, Guangdong, a video of “A cow waiting to be slaughtered kneeling and crying” was widely spread. Netizens saw the crowdfunding of more than 20,000 and bought it for release. Caring person Mr. Wu said that the videos were taken by workers in the slaughterhouse. After seeing them in the group, everyone raised money to buy the cattle and send them to a temple for release.”

The heartbreaking video had been uploaded onto the Chinese social media WeChat. Not long after, the cow was purchased and released to a Buddhist temple. And even more poignant – after the cow knew she was safe, she knelt again in an apparent gesture to thank the people who saved her. She retained the pose for more than a minute after arriving at the Golden Lion Temple in Jieyang. Money has been raised to support her and her anticipated calf.

Check out the video:

No doubt there are angels walking among us and helping to save the most innocent animals.

(Photo via screenshot from Pear Video)

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