Poor pup shot six times and run over by a car on road controlled by drug cartel

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Freedom’s recovery has been nothing short of a miracle; his recovery in Dallas over the past few weeks have involved three different veterinarian clinics and surgeries to repair his life-threatening injuries.

More than three weeks ago, Freedom was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Walking along a highway controlled by a drug cartel near a border town of Mexico, the dog was shot six times and run over by a car. A local woman who witnessed the horrible animal cruelty, risked her life to rescue the dog – only to have the tires of her own vehicle slashed by members of the cartel.

Finally, the woman was able to get Freedom to safety, but had no funds to help him, and that’s when Amy Stanton, the Texas director of  Addicus’ Dog Rescue Organization, stepped up to help:

“… we were contacted on Tuesday and have been working round the clock to get him medical care. We help dogs that often times have no chance and this sweet boy deserves a second chance at life. He is at the third vet clinic this week – he was moved to an Austin ER last night and will have surgery Monday. He has a horrible, painful jaw injury that will require skin and bone repair. Thru it all, he remains sweet and we expect him to make a recovery. Thank you for helping us help this sweet dog.”

Freedom’s injuries were close to being fatal; he was septic from an infection and had multiple injuries around his jaw and his legs. It had been the emergency room veterinarian in McAllen who saved his life; later he underwent soft tissue surgery.  After that he was transferred to another hospital for surgery to repair his hanging, broken jaw.

And then came the good news:

“Well hello world!! Freedom emerges!
I think it’s been over two weeks of this sweet guy fighting one battle after another, but he is finally thru the woods! He had his last surgery today and will be going to a foster later this week (looking for one in Austin). His surgery needs were very delicate and required multiple procedures and oversight by an orthopedic specialist. The great news is – his jaw is completely INTACT!!! Freedom is soooo sweet and rolls over for belly rubs. His days of being shot at and run over and ignored are over…nothing but love and comfort and goodness in the days ahead.
Next up – heartworm treatment and tick disease eradication.”
Check out his latest video here:
Freedom continues to heal and has captured the hearts of everyone he meets. Yes, his recovery has racked up thousands of dollars in veterinary and surgical bills, but seeing him running up to greet people in the most delightful way, makes it all worthwhile.
Freedom is looking for the right foster home in the Austin area – a home where he can continue his rest and recovery.
To donate to his fund or to help, please click here.

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