Poor defenseless dog abandoned in the middle of nowhere

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals rescued a poor, defenseless dog abandoned in the middle of nowhere on Saturday night; the owner just drove away. The dog waited nine hours, outside of the Tulsa city limits near 66th Street North and Mingo, until he was rescued – his owner never returned.

“While we understand that people may be struggling to care for their pets due to COVID, there are resources and organizations here to help, including us. Doing this to living, feeling being should never be the answer. This beautiful dog was taken to a rural area and abandoned by someone he likely trusted…”

Cameras were able to catch the disturbing act in progress and rescuers were able to respond. If you recognize  the individual pictured, please contact the rescue organization:

5321 S Sheridan Rd, Ste 30 (1,129.72 mi)
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
(918) 742-3700

The dog has been named Rocket, and he will never suffer from abandonment again. He will be examined by a veterinarian, given all needed vaccinations and be made available for adoption when ready.


If you would like to donate toward vetting and boarding for Rocket, you can do so below or on our website. www.animalallianceok.org/donate.

If you need help feeding your pet, you can continue to reach out to OAA by texting (918) 917-9687.

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3 replies
  1. Gen says:

    Doesn’t look like the owner is missing any meals but can’t care for his dog , I doubt it , he left the dog to die because he only cared about himself! He shouldn’t be hard to identify!!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    So many awful things could have happened during that 9 hour wait…… Thank goodness this precious treasure was rescued!!! Hope he is rehomed ASAP into a loving furever family where he will be treated as a beloved family member!!!


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