Pony dies after being brutally beaten by teens

Pony dies after brutal beating by teens
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A pony died after being brutally beaten by teens in Dublin, Ireland. The Metro U.K. reports that witnesses said that a “gang of teenagers” beat the three-year-old pony, dubbed Jenna.

Volunteers with My Lovely Horse Rescue searched for the pony after learning of the attack and she was discovered near the Grand Canal. Initially, the rescuers did not think that Jenna has sustained severe injuries, but a veterinarian confirmed that her wounds were consistent with “being trampled.”

The rescuers worked round-the-clock to tend to the battered pony, but she died during the night. In a Facebook post, the rescue group mourned her passing:

RIP Jenna 💔💔

Heart ache for MLHR volunteers again…there’s only so much we can take!
Jenna was walked into an area full of bones to die.
Jenna had lumps all over her body, her face swollen…
Jenna was beaten badly!

Jenna died in the early hours of this morning on the MLHR main farm with people all around her that she could trust and knew loved her.

And asked for help to find the people who mercilessly beat her:

We want someone held accountable for this. Gardaí are going through CCTV.
Witnesses have come forward, they’ve seen Jenna being beaten in the past 2 weeks.
Does anyone have video or photos?
Lucan / Clondalkin areas.

We want prosecutions, we want justice…

This innocent pony was only 3 years old, she knew nothing but cruelty until her very last day!

Find the rescue group on Facebook here.

(Image via My Lovely Horse Rescue/Facebook page)

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Peace, Love, Dogs

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  1. Poor precious little treasure Jenna….. her life was stolen by those POS thugs and her life mattered. Whilst I am VERY sad Jenna didn’t survive, I am VERY grateful for those who saved her and tried their best to help her. In her last hours of life, Jenna was loved……. She didn’t die on the streets alone, in pain, afraid, & (worst of all) unloved……
    This is beyond tragic for whoever owned Jenna….. If any of my precious horse babies died under these circumstances, I would have a hysterical nervous breakdown…….
    Precious treasure Jenna……. I know you are in Heaven. Please look for Sailor (a gorgeous bay gelding). He will show all of you the best grazing areas and most scenic trails in Heaven!!!
    The POSs who tortured this precious little treasure are pure evil!!!!!!!! Lock these POSs up and lose the keys!!!!! Should only leave prison in a pine box (& that is way too good for them)……. They will burn in the hottest part of Hell forever for their cruelty……. They can’t get to Hell fast enough………



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