Police investigation – multiple dogs dead after being thrown from moving vehicle

Dogs died after being thrown from moving vehicle
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Police in Allegan County, Michigan, have opened an investigation following a cruel act which left multiple dogs dead  in Wayland Township. According to a news release from the sheriff’s office, a witness observed dogs being thrown from the passenger side window of a Honda Odyssey on February 6.

The release provides details of the alleged crime:

The witnesses described a 2004-2006 Silver Honda Odyssey van driving westbound on 124th Ave throwing six Chihuahua dogs out the passenger window. The witness stated five of the six Chihuahua dogs died at the scene while one survived.

One dog, dubbed Lucky LuLu, survived the harrowing ordeal and is now being cared for by Pet Klips of Wayland.

The suspects

The authorities have provided the following description of the suspects in this animal cruelty investigation:

The suspects are described as a white female passenger in her 20’s-30’s, very skinny, missing teeth, with blonde hair; and, second suspect is a white male driver in his 20-30’s, very skinny, missing teeth, with dark longer hair that was described as “big curly hair.”

Please call with information

If you have information on this case, please contact the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office at 269-673-3899 or Allegan County Silent Observer at 1-800-554-3633.

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  1. Pure evil to have done this. Those poor furbabies must have been very terrified and suffered horribly. Their humans totally betrayed living, loving, trusting precious little treasures…….. There is a special place in the hottest part of Hell reserved for these POSs. They will burn forever for their cruelty.

    Precious little treasures, so sorry your humans have betrayed and failed you. We absolutely know that you all are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.

    What a beautiful princess and so fortunate to have survived this awful experience!!! She deserves to be in a loving family and treated as a beloved family member!!!

    I hope someone local will open their hearts and home for this precious treasure!!!


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