Pigeon with cowboy hat glued to her head has died

In Las Vegas, a rescued pigeon with a cowboy hat glued to his head has died. According to Lofty Hopes Pigeon Rescue, “Billie the Pidge” died.

The pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats  that went viral in December were rescued.


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Posted by Bobby Lee on Thursday, December 5, 2019

Although viewers at first thought it was cute, the video had been posted the same time as the Las Vegas rodeo. The pigeons were captured with a trap to remove the hats. Lofty Hopes, a pigeon rescue group, captured one of the birds nicknamed “Cluck Norris” and another named “Billie the Pidge.”

The co-founder of the rescue Mariah Hillman expressed her concern about animal cruelty. A veterinarian had removed the hats, however not before Billie the Pidge had already suffered injuries.

“The staff and volunteers at Lofty Hopes are saddened to report that Billie The Pidge, one of the Cowboy Pigeons in the red hats, has passed away of an undectected illness.
The hat could have interfered with her being able to dislodge small insects from under it, and pigeons are very active preeners (groomers), not just for themselves, but for the others in their flocks. The fumes of the glue coukd have slowly poisoned her. Pigeons have a very fragile respiratory system. So many things could have gone wrong.
From the time we spotted and captured her she didn’t have the same wild fight in her. She was a pretty easy capture. She had string foot embedded into the skin. Surely this was an issue when she was trapped and had a hat cruelly glued to her head, but her captor, instead of helping her, released her not caring that she would lose more of her toes.
We are truly saddened by her loss and will always remember her struggle.
Please know, that our efforts to find the remaining “Cowboy Pigeon” continues. Thank you for caring.”

All of the information about the hats having been glued to the birds’ heads has been turned over to the police. It is not known if authorities ever investigated. Since when is animal cruelty inflicted on any animal not worthy of being investigated and finding the culprits responsible for the cruel acts?

Rest in peace little pigeon. Your life mattered.

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