Picked up as a stray: Heartbroken, stressed and alone

At the St. Landry Animal Rescue, volunteers and staff do their best to help. Everyday dogs come in, and in an outdoor shelter they are graciously afforded space, however they “hear so much, but see so little.”

“They don’t see their people. They don’t see home. They don’t in many cases EVER LEAVE and they know it,” posted Stacey, the shelter’s director.

We see the SHUT DOWN all day. This big girl is heart broke, stressed and alone.”

She has been named Mabel, and for the next five days will be on stray hold. We can only hope her family will show up to take her home.

Mabel has not been tested for socialization yet. She just arrived on Tuesday. There are, however many other dogs available for adoption. Please share their plights with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.

Visit, stop by with treats and spend a moment with the lonely and broken.

For more information about Mabel and many of the other dogs ready to be loved, contact Stacey:

(337) 501-9100
Opelousas, LA.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I know that this shelter is a “kill” shelter but the regularly place animals on transports to other shelters where they will have a better chance of being rehomed.

    I am in Washington state. If there was a foster possibility, I would love to take her.


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