Orangutan offered his hand to help man out of snake infested water

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An amateur photographer on safari at a conservation forest in Borneo captured an amazing photograph of an orangutan stretching out his arm to offer a guard his hand to help him out of snake infested waters.

According to CNN, Anil Prabhakar had been with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) when he witnessed the most adorable and surely compassionate scene between an orangutan and a human. Surely the animal world hasn’t given up on humans yet.

“Let me help you? Once Humanity dying in Mankind, sometimes animals are guiding us back to our basics,” Anil posted on Instagram under his photograph.

And so the story on January 22 goes – the man had been having a very difficult time moving in the muddy waters. The waters in Borneo are known to be full of venomous snakes and in addition to forest fires, hunting and habitat loss, the orangutans are in danger of extinction.

As the orangutan moved closer to the man as if to say, “May I help you?” while stretching out his arm, the man moved away from the ape and climbed out of the water. When asked why he didn’t accept the ape’s hand, the man stated the orangutans are completely wild and “we don’t know how they’ll react.”

According to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, (BOS),

“There’s nothing the BOS Foundation’s staff won’t do to keep their precious charges safe! Bravo!
Mr Prabhakar said: ‘Someone told him there was a snake in the river. The warden went there and cleared the bushes.
An orangutan came to the banks and was watching what he was doing. He then came closer and gave his hand.
The warden just moved away. I asked him why later and he said: ”It’s a wild animal, not one we are familiar with”.
The orangutans on pre-release islands have been through the rehabilitation process and their behaviours are as of their wild cousins. They can be dangerous, and contact is rightly kept to a minimum.”

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Just when one thinks humans are acting their worst, an animal chooses to give us another chance.

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